Monday, April 1, 2013

A very busy Easter

Lolly and Pops make Easter a super special holiday celebration at their house. One we barely made it to this year...

Friday night, like most weekends lately it seems, Addy threw up in her bed. Multiple times. Like until we ran out of sheets and she just had to lay on top of a blanket and we had a mountain of gross laundry. She stopped getting sick around two am, we all slept for two hours and then I started at four. I called for reinforcements at 5 am (Grammie and Grandad to the rescue!) to come get Charlie because no one here could take care of him. Luckily Nick didn't get really sick until today because he had to entertain a healthy Addy and sanitize the house while I was sick on Saturday. 

The Easter bunny hid eggs with money at our house because we knew there would be so much candy later in the day and Addy got a Dora guitar and Charlie got a musical stacking toy. I tried very hard to put emphasis on what Jesus did for us at Easter and was met with mild success. We still had a hard time working in the message on Sunday but hopefully some little Savior seeds were planted. 

Aubra joined us at Kimon and Shirley's where we ate too much fantastic food, had an egg hunt for the little cousins, had an egg toss and piƱata and an overall great time. It is so wonderful to share the day with family and friends. We went to Grammie and Grandad's with my family for another egg hunt just for Addy, our favorite sandwiches on my mom's homemade bread, and playing with new toys. The kids took quick baths over there so we could put them straight to bed when we got home around 8:30.  It was such a fun day it almost made up for the rest of the weekend. 

Also, big news, Charlie rolled over on Sunday from his stomach to his back! I'm so proud of my boy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lolly's birthday

Today was Lolly's birthday. We had such a fun time celebrating her. On Monday Addy, Charlie and I drove to a mall in Austin to get Shirley's gift. Addy was really excited about riding the "alligator" and all the pretty beds and pillows in Dillard's. We went to the store and let Addy pick out party things for  Lolly too.  She picked princess tiaras, bubbles, Cinderella rings, and stickers. Clearly she knows how birthday parties should go!

We enjoyed a great dinner at Chili's and some red velvet cupcakes covered with sprinkles also by Addy. At the end, Shirley said Addy should be an event planner. Nick joked " Ya, we could call it ' Events by Addy for Addy'." Everyone loved it and had a great time. Charlie smiled and let everyone hold him before enjoying a bottle and a nap in the middle of the restaurant.

Yesterday we had gymnastics and Nick came to watch for the first time. It is so much fun watching Addy do big girl things on her own and it gives me an uninterrupted hour to snuggle with Charlie. All the other moms love seeing his sweet smile. In the afternoon we went to a play date with Calleigh and went to the drive through car wash. Addy kept asking if it tickles the car. Last night I went to my friend Candice's to help give baths (they recently adopted 4 children bringing their family total to 8). Charlie came with me and got lots of checkups from 5 year old Dr. Michael and Nick and Addy had an "adventure". They put tools in their backpacks and went down to the river to fix things. Addy really enjoyed hammering and taping broken tree limbs. They also did one of their favorite father-daughter activities and got a milk shake together.

This night ended so beautifully as we got home. Addy was coming in slowly and was the last one up the steep hill to our house. She came in with little flowers she picked for me just because. Her sweet heart is so touching to me and I love being her mom and Charlie's mom.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Austin New Church

The Wood family went to SA on Friday for a going away party for Derek and Kelly Brown for the adults and pizza night at Grammie and Grandad's for the kids. Derek and Kelly are moving to South Korea for two years. We were lucky to go to Derek's day's house for a night of hanging out, catching up, and saying "See you later".

I had to go to the county tax assessor and having been there recently to purchase my car I knew I didn't want to take the kids. Sweet Aubra watched both of them at her house so I could go alone. Addy and Aubra played hide and seek, picked flowers a d ate Oreos. Charlie ate some baby food and was snuggled asleep in Aubra's arms when I went to go get them. While in line for an hour, I came up with a list of questions Addy would likely ask if she had come like "Why it smells like a skunk in here?" (Every bad smell is a skunk and there was a lot of BO and smokey smell going on!)"what that guys name is?"   " Why that guy it know how to talk." (About the man behind me speaking Spanish) "I need to go potty!" Alone time is sometimes blissful because I was glad to not have to answer any of those questions out loud.

Saturday we planned to go to the zoo with Lolly and Pops but Addy threw up in the car so that adventure has been postponed. She felt better after a few hours so we went to lunch at Super Gma and Super Gpa's as planned. They always spoil the kids with new clothes and us with great food.

Saturday evening we all hung out by the river and enjoyed a light rain. I will miss the outside of this house forever. The tiny inside probably not.

Sunday we visited Austin New Church for the first time. Nick told me halfway through "I love this church!" That is huge! Just the night before he was saying that church ruins his Sunday and he said today he loved it. I was moved to tears by the worship and the message. I haven't felt God's presence so strongly in a very long time. I feel so blessed to have found this place and I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charlie's Doctor

Today we had Charlie's four month check up. He weighed 19 lbs 12 oz and was 26 in tall. He was in the 95 percentile for weight and 85th for height. I have to say I was surprised. He is already wearing 9-12 month clothes so I was expecting him to be off the charts! Charlie was so sweet smiling and laughing at the doctor and did great until shot time. And if we're being honest, I probably would scream that loud about shots if it was even slightly acceptable.

This afternoon we went out to check the mail and went for a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller. Addy said she would like to get out to walk but doesn't want together hit by a car and die. Oh boy, that deer a few weeks ago really did a number on her! We found some pinecones and decided to make bird feeders. Shockingly I had no bird seed on hand so we lathered them up with peanut butter and added sunflower seeds. Addy really enjoyed eating it and so far we have seen zero birds partake. If the squirrels don't get after it I may be out there tomorrow night removing some seeds after bedtime.

After dinner and a few rounds of Addy hiding Nicks's keys, remote and cell phone Addy and I went to the Y and left the boys at home to bond. Addy and I also got to enjoy the longer daylight hours and cool evening weather for an alone park date after my workout. It was so nice to get that special time with just her. Nick usually does it by taking her exploring or to the river while I feed Charlie an evening bottle. He was actually such a trooper that he took both of them to the river last night!

A few more Addy truths to finish the night:
Never ever touch a snake
Never ever take off your seatbelt
Always flush the potty

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gross Hiccups

It's been awhile since I have made time to blog but we have had a ton going on. We went to SA a couple weekends ago for Super Grandpa's 90th birthday. Alex, Jessica,Lisa and Tyler also came in town. We stayed with Lolly and Pops and went to lunch at the Pearl and had a big dinner at their house. Addy loved helping him blow out candles and singing Happy Birthday.

The next day we came back to Kyle for a birthday party for a sweet boy from Addy's gymnastics class. She loved having me and Nick running around the gym with her and watching her do skills.

Adalynn also recently had her first stomach bug. She woke up throwing up in her bed and called it "the gross hiccups". Poor baby threw up all day and it took her about a week to get back to her normal active, silly self.

Last weekend we enjoyed the Wimberly Chili cook off (it was seriously so much fun!). Both of the kids were getting pushed around in the double stroller and admired by everyone and Addy kept getting out to dance to the live music and eat all the crackers and frites laying around! We then went to the park and saw some friends and spent the afternoon walking around Cabellas. Addy had a list of things she wanted to see (snake, coyote, boats, guns, fish) and the last thing she wanted added to her list and remembered the whole time we were there was "get a snack".

I want to finish with the truth according to Addy. She sat in Nick's lap and told him some rules for life like: Never ever drink in the living room and never ever go outside by yourself.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lovely Thursday

This morning started off rainy with watching movies and snuggling on the couch and cleared up into a beautiful day. How lucky are we to have 70 degree weather in February? God bless Texas!

We ventured to the Texas Nature Center at Zilker park in Austin today. We walked around, saw captive local wildlife, and Addy loved the Dino Dig. Kids dig around in giant sand pits with shovels unearthing dinosaur bones. She was really disappointed that there weren't any live dinos around to play with. She said they are nice unless they try to eat baby Charlie.

We came home for lunch and a nap and then spent the evening outside. Nick grilled burgers and Addy played with flour in a pan and we walked to the river. Charlie happily bounced in his exersaucer on the porch. He is getting so big and funny! He loves pushing buttons on his saucer and rolling his rattle toy around to make as much noise as possible. He smiles everyday and makes talking noises.

Nick and I are going to Dallas this weekend for a wedding and the kids are spending the weekend with Grammie and Grandad. We will all appreciate the little vacation I think. Grammie got the kids new swim suits to do some hot tubbing and Addy is already planning a trip to Alamo Cafe for "better queso". Salsa is "hot queso" and regular queso is "better queso".

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013- something new

Yesterday was Charlie's first Valentine's day and Addy's first that she was big enough to understand. I was intentional about how we treated Valentine's day this year. After watching my high school girls I taught for years and seeing how sad they are to be single on one silly day, I hope to show Addy that it is a day to appreciate anyone you love and to bless others with your love.

This year we made homemade cards for family and elderly friends from church, baked cookies for our neighbors and the kids' Bible class teachers and took cards to Addy's teachers at the YMCA. She and Charlie got cards and gifts from their grandparents but not from us.

I showed Addy how much I love her by taking her to the children's museum with friends, going on a picnic and going for a walk and playing babies instead of letting her watch tv. Nick took Addy to the Y to hand out cards to her teachers and play.  I love my kids and I want to prepare their hearts to give love and love themselves, not simply wait for a date to make them feel cared for.

Nick and I are looking forward to celebrating time together at a wedding in Dallas alone next weekend while the kids sleep over at Grammie and Grandad's.