Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Favorite Addy Phrases

I have been meaning to do this post for a while and I'm grateful to have two sleeping kids so I have a chance to write it. Having a two year old is hilarious! Addy has a bunch of super cute phrases she throws out there every day and I want to record them before she outgrows them.
 1)Sometimes happens
this one comes out when Addy drops something, gets something dirty, breaks something etc. She just shrugs her shoulders and declares "Sometimes happens". It is so funny and I love how laid back she is about things.
 2)That is my park (part)!
 This little gem comes most frequently when getting into the carseat. Addy can and thinks she must buckle her chest strap. Heaven help the unsuspecting friend or grandparent who does not know that that is Addy's part. Other things that can trigger this phrase are feeding the dog a scoop of food, turning on the light in the bathroom, and pushing play on the Blueray player.
 3)My have trouble with things
 Nick and I suspect that this one started when he was trying to hook up the dryer and was having a hard time. Addy remembers EVERYTHING and picked up this saying. I love that she says "my" instead of I and this saying comes out while putting on shoes, pulling up pants, cleaning up toys and actually lots of other times. I will be sad when she stops having trouble with things that are so easy to remedy and I can't fix all of her troubles.
 4) My do it own self
 Strong willed and independent, Adalynn likes to do a lot of things 'own self'. She can climb into the Tahoe, go potty, put on shoes, put away toys, feed the dog, pick out pjs and put away her plates and cups. Don't even thing about helping her unless you hear her say phrase three.
 5) Both of us match
 I remember in middle school not wanting my mom to even have the same eye shadow as me so I love right now that, just for a short while, Addy loves to match with me. I don't mean matching outfits, I wouldn't subject either of us to that. Anything can qualify you as matching in Addy's eyes. Oh, we are both wearing shoes? Both of us match! Toenail polish in different colors? Still matching! Are we both eating pizza? Yay, both of us match! I love this precious little girl!

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