Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lovely Thursday

This morning started off rainy with watching movies and snuggling on the couch and cleared up into a beautiful day. How lucky are we to have 70 degree weather in February? God bless Texas!

We ventured to the Texas Nature Center at Zilker park in Austin today. We walked around, saw captive local wildlife, and Addy loved the Dino Dig. Kids dig around in giant sand pits with shovels unearthing dinosaur bones. She was really disappointed that there weren't any live dinos around to play with. She said they are nice unless they try to eat baby Charlie.

We came home for lunch and a nap and then spent the evening outside. Nick grilled burgers and Addy played with flour in a pan and we walked to the river. Charlie happily bounced in his exersaucer on the porch. He is getting so big and funny! He loves pushing buttons on his saucer and rolling his rattle toy around to make as much noise as possible. He smiles everyday and makes talking noises.

Nick and I are going to Dallas this weekend for a wedding and the kids are spending the weekend with Grammie and Grandad. We will all appreciate the little vacation I think. Grammie got the kids new swim suits to do some hot tubbing and Addy is already planning a trip to Alamo Cafe for "better queso". Salsa is "hot queso" and regular queso is "better queso".

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013- something new

Yesterday was Charlie's first Valentine's day and Addy's first that she was big enough to understand. I was intentional about how we treated Valentine's day this year. After watching my high school girls I taught for years and seeing how sad they are to be single on one silly day, I hope to show Addy that it is a day to appreciate anyone you love and to bless others with your love.

This year we made homemade cards for family and elderly friends from church, baked cookies for our neighbors and the kids' Bible class teachers and took cards to Addy's teachers at the YMCA. She and Charlie got cards and gifts from their grandparents but not from us.

I showed Addy how much I love her by taking her to the children's museum with friends, going on a picnic and going for a walk and playing babies instead of letting her watch tv. Nick took Addy to the Y to hand out cards to her teachers and play.  I love my kids and I want to prepare their hearts to give love and love themselves, not simply wait for a date to make them feel cared for.

Nick and I are looking forward to celebrating time together at a wedding in Dallas alone next weekend while the kids sleep over at Grammie and Grandad's.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random catch up

I have so many stories I want to write down before they are forgotten so this entry is going to be very random.

First off, Addy loves exploring outside the river house with Nick. She finds the thickest brush and makes him walk through it with her and loves running around outside. One unfortunate day she ran into a cactus. Tacus, as Adalynn calls it hurt her little ankle so now she wears boots every time we go for a walk anytime we pass a cactus she asks "Remember when tacus hurt me?"

Speaking of exploring, I took the kids jogging down a long stretch of road nearby. We passes horses, cows, deer, houses, a cemetery and a rustic wedding venue. The only part Addy remembers though is that we passed a dead deer that had been hit by a car. She proceeded to talk about said deer for the next two and a half miles. "Why him do that?" "Maybe next time him not get hit by a car and died!" "I'll blow him a kiss. That make him feel better ." Let me tell you, those two miles felt like 8!

Charlie is smiling, laughing, cooing and blowing raspberries. That boy is only three months old and weighs a whopping 17 lbs! His nickname around here is The tank or Tank tank.  The first time I had the joy of hearing his laugh he was fussing and I swaddled him up. That made him smile but try to free his arms. I said "You just like this so you can practice escaping" and he looked at me and laughed. I think we have a little trouble maker on our hands!

We went in to SA recently and saw family and friends. We had dinner at Super Gma and Gpa's house and afterword she and Addy played a game about a spider coming to chase them. It was so sweet to see Grandma acting so young and running away from imaginary spiders with Addy. We watched the Super Bowl at Matt and Kayla's beautiful new house and had a great evening spending time with our old friends.  Cason and Addy got into a pit of a wrestling match (Addy was showing off her forward rolls and Cason tackled her) and she got her very first bloody nose. She was not happy about it mainly because her clothes got messy. I love that prissy girl!

Today we had gymnastics and are getting ready for our friends to come for a tea party after nap. Addy helped me make dessert (my attempt at petit fours failed so I picked up the crumpled pieces to make some cake balls) and pink lemonade.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Addy and Charlie spent a fun night in SA with Lolly and Pops and Nick and I got to enjoy a quiet day and a half at home. Friday morning Addy got her first haircut. She was so brave and perfectly behaved. Shirley took the kids to Luby's (Addy's choice), Super Gma and Gpa's, burgers with Bella, Morgan, and Blakeley and the zoo to ride the train. Addy also got a strawberry shortcake bike.

Nick and I had a dinner where we didn't have to feed anyone else, watched a show we wanted to see, slept in until 8, went for a run and missed our kids. It's so nice to have some alone time but I'm glad we were only away from Addy and Charlie for one night.

Addy has discovered a carton called Dora the explorer. It has quickly become a favorite and we are constantly hearing about Swiper the fox. Addy doesn't like Swiper. He is bad. He is not nice. He needs to go away. Oh goodness, Swiper.


Who would have known that Fridays are as exciting for a stay at home mom as they are for a working girl? I am so looking forward to family time and Nick being around to help. He has been super busy this week working every night this week so it will be great to relax a bit.

This week we went to SA Monday for a dr appt and spent the night with Grammie and Grandad. We ate dinner with Super GMa and Super Gpa. Grandma made fried chicken for us which is a huge elevation in status!  That is usually a treat made when Jim comes in town only.

Tuesday we went to the mall with Grammie and had a little Alamo Cafe for lunch at Addy's request. Adalynn got to pick one item from Clair's. she wanted the first thing she saw and then we did an exchange game. I asked her " Do you really want that bow or a necklace?" She put the bow back and got a necklace. We did it a few more times until she ended up with some Chapstick. She started asking herself "I want that or Chapstick? Chapstick. " it was so funny!

Wednesday we went to ladies Bible class. We are continuing the Seven study and just finished a week long clothing fast where you are supposed to only wear seven items. I did a lot of laundry last week. Addy loves taking Charlie to his class with me before I drop her off. We also got to enjoy a grocery store adventure with one potty break, 25 minutes of crying Charles, and 4 things left off the list for another day because I couldn't bear to go back through the isles.

Thursday we went to gymnastics and spent time with Emily and Callie at Chick fil A. Addy looks forward to time with her friends so much and talks about it constantly! She is such a little social butterfly.

Finally, Friday we enjoyed some morning park time (why is it 70 outside on Feb 1?) and spent the afternoon playing play dough, practicing letters and working on puzzles. When Nick got home we went down to the river. Addy wanted to go in the little kayak that was out there. Nick, being the good sport that he is, agreed to take her for a ride. They clearly exceeded the boats weight limit and it started swaying and water rushed in. They both ended up wet and I think it will be a while before they go for another boat ride.