Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday fun day

Yay! It's working! I recently updated the iPad and haven't been able to update the blog in forever. We had two wonderful Christmas celebrations with our families. Addy got a cozy coupe car and pez from Santa and Charlie got a suitcase and some pacis. We spent a few days at the lake with the Campbells and a few days in SA with the Bantons.

We have been busy with Tuesday gymnastics for Addy (she is doing so great in the 3-4 class even though she is only 2), Wednesday ladies Bible class at church, and play dates usually on Thursday or Friday. Charlie is smiling and cooing now. He loves when his sister talks to him, standing up, and swinging. He is a great sleeper and usually gets  me up just once a week. Addy and Charlie both love being outside and we have been going for lots of runs in the stroller together. Addy is currently really enjoying going to the YMCA to swim and play wither friends, eating as many meals as possible at Chick fil A and dancing all day. She also loves lining up all of the chairs in the house and putting her babies and little people in them and calling it a school bus. We all have to ride.

We had the best day today. We have been attending Hays Hills Baptist Church in Buda and have really been happy there. Addy loves her teachers Mrs. Carol and Ms. Krystal, I'm meeting nice girls in Ladies class, the song leader is fantastic, and the people are so kind, sincere, and amazing. The Kimbro family has been so welcoming and friendly to us. Today they invited our family over for lunch after Bible class. It was wonderful being with such a loving and happy family. Their children and grandchildren were over for lunch also and all of the kids ran around playing after we enjoyed a delicious roast and biscuits. I love living back in Texas!

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