Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am finally getting used to being in Kyle and feel like I'm finding a grove. We are making some friends, finding new parks and things to do and settling into a routine. Nick and I are constantly debating where we should live next year. We are torn between North Austin (not exactly in our territory but the schools are good) or staying in this area for a few more years. We have moved 3 times in 4 years so we are kinda ready to settle to a more permanent life but Nick still hopes to start a business in the near future so we don't want to tie us all of our money in a home right now. It is hard to think of leaving because we are starting to adjust but I also don't want to put down roots too deep in a place we can't stay. Hopefully God will give us some clear direction in this!

We are doing a study called "Seven" in Women's Bible Class about excess in our lives. It is eye opening and a hard pill. Last week we did a food fast and this week is a clothing fast. We are supposed to wear only 7 things all week. I have two shirts, jeans, a dress, workout shorts, shoes and a nightshirt. I am not loving this one because i love clothes but it is crazy to think about others in the world who would be grateful for that much. This study is really touching my heart and making me want to do so much more for others and especially for people in impoverished countries.

On a much lighter note, Addy picked out her own clothes today and is wearing a Dallas Cowboys thirty, a red tutu and black yoga pants. I love that girl!

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