Friday, February 1, 2013

Addy and Charlie spent a fun night in SA with Lolly and Pops and Nick and I got to enjoy a quiet day and a half at home. Friday morning Addy got her first haircut. She was so brave and perfectly behaved. Shirley took the kids to Luby's (Addy's choice), Super Gma and Gpa's, burgers with Bella, Morgan, and Blakeley and the zoo to ride the train. Addy also got a strawberry shortcake bike.

Nick and I had a dinner where we didn't have to feed anyone else, watched a show we wanted to see, slept in until 8, went for a run and missed our kids. It's so nice to have some alone time but I'm glad we were only away from Addy and Charlie for one night.

Addy has discovered a carton called Dora the explorer. It has quickly become a favorite and we are constantly hearing about Swiper the fox. Addy doesn't like Swiper. He is bad. He is not nice. He needs to go away. Oh goodness, Swiper.

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