Monday, April 1, 2013

A very busy Easter

Lolly and Pops make Easter a super special holiday celebration at their house. One we barely made it to this year...

Friday night, like most weekends lately it seems, Addy threw up in her bed. Multiple times. Like until we ran out of sheets and she just had to lay on top of a blanket and we had a mountain of gross laundry. She stopped getting sick around two am, we all slept for two hours and then I started at four. I called for reinforcements at 5 am (Grammie and Grandad to the rescue!) to come get Charlie because no one here could take care of him. Luckily Nick didn't get really sick until today because he had to entertain a healthy Addy and sanitize the house while I was sick on Saturday. 

The Easter bunny hid eggs with money at our house because we knew there would be so much candy later in the day and Addy got a Dora guitar and Charlie got a musical stacking toy. I tried very hard to put emphasis on what Jesus did for us at Easter and was met with mild success. We still had a hard time working in the message on Sunday but hopefully some little Savior seeds were planted. 

Aubra joined us at Kimon and Shirley's where we ate too much fantastic food, had an egg hunt for the little cousins, had an egg toss and piƱata and an overall great time. It is so wonderful to share the day with family and friends. We went to Grammie and Grandad's with my family for another egg hunt just for Addy, our favorite sandwiches on my mom's homemade bread, and playing with new toys. The kids took quick baths over there so we could put them straight to bed when we got home around 8:30.  It was such a fun day it almost made up for the rest of the weekend. 

Also, big news, Charlie rolled over on Sunday from his stomach to his back! I'm so proud of my boy!

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