Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lolly's birthday

Today was Lolly's birthday. We had such a fun time celebrating her. On Monday Addy, Charlie and I drove to a mall in Austin to get Shirley's gift. Addy was really excited about riding the "alligator" and all the pretty beds and pillows in Dillard's. We went to the store and let Addy pick out party things for  Lolly too.  She picked princess tiaras, bubbles, Cinderella rings, and stickers. Clearly she knows how birthday parties should go!

We enjoyed a great dinner at Chili's and some red velvet cupcakes covered with sprinkles also by Addy. At the end, Shirley said Addy should be an event planner. Nick joked " Ya, we could call it ' Events by Addy for Addy'." Everyone loved it and had a great time. Charlie smiled and let everyone hold him before enjoying a bottle and a nap in the middle of the restaurant.

Yesterday we had gymnastics and Nick came to watch for the first time. It is so much fun watching Addy do big girl things on her own and it gives me an uninterrupted hour to snuggle with Charlie. All the other moms love seeing his sweet smile. In the afternoon we went to a play date with Calleigh and went to the drive through car wash. Addy kept asking if it tickles the car. Last night I went to my friend Candice's to help give baths (they recently adopted 4 children bringing their family total to 8). Charlie came with me and got lots of checkups from 5 year old Dr. Michael and Nick and Addy had an "adventure". They put tools in their backpacks and went down to the river to fix things. Addy really enjoyed hammering and taping broken tree limbs. They also did one of their favorite father-daughter activities and got a milk shake together.

This night ended so beautifully as we got home. Addy was coming in slowly and was the last one up the steep hill to our house. She came in with little flowers she picked for me just because. Her sweet heart is so touching to me and I love being her mom and Charlie's mom.

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