Sunday, March 24, 2013

Austin New Church

The Wood family went to SA on Friday for a going away party for Derek and Kelly Brown for the adults and pizza night at Grammie and Grandad's for the kids. Derek and Kelly are moving to South Korea for two years. We were lucky to go to Derek's day's house for a night of hanging out, catching up, and saying "See you later".

I had to go to the county tax assessor and having been there recently to purchase my car I knew I didn't want to take the kids. Sweet Aubra watched both of them at her house so I could go alone. Addy and Aubra played hide and seek, picked flowers a d ate Oreos. Charlie ate some baby food and was snuggled asleep in Aubra's arms when I went to go get them. While in line for an hour, I came up with a list of questions Addy would likely ask if she had come like "Why it smells like a skunk in here?" (Every bad smell is a skunk and there was a lot of BO and smokey smell going on!)"what that guys name is?"   " Why that guy it know how to talk." (About the man behind me speaking Spanish) "I need to go potty!" Alone time is sometimes blissful because I was glad to not have to answer any of those questions out loud.

Saturday we planned to go to the zoo with Lolly and Pops but Addy threw up in the car so that adventure has been postponed. She felt better after a few hours so we went to lunch at Super Gma and Super Gpa's as planned. They always spoil the kids with new clothes and us with great food.

Saturday evening we all hung out by the river and enjoyed a light rain. I will miss the outside of this house forever. The tiny inside probably not.

Sunday we visited Austin New Church for the first time. Nick told me halfway through "I love this church!" That is huge! Just the night before he was saying that church ruins his Sunday and he said today he loved it. I was moved to tears by the worship and the message. I haven't felt God's presence so strongly in a very long time. I feel so blessed to have found this place and I can't wait to go back.

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