Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charlie's Doctor

Today we had Charlie's four month check up. He weighed 19 lbs 12 oz and was 26 in tall. He was in the 95 percentile for weight and 85th for height. I have to say I was surprised. He is already wearing 9-12 month clothes so I was expecting him to be off the charts! Charlie was so sweet smiling and laughing at the doctor and did great until shot time. And if we're being honest, I probably would scream that loud about shots if it was even slightly acceptable.

This afternoon we went out to check the mail and went for a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller. Addy said she would like to get out to walk but doesn't want together hit by a car and die. Oh boy, that deer a few weeks ago really did a number on her! We found some pinecones and decided to make bird feeders. Shockingly I had no bird seed on hand so we lathered them up with peanut butter and added sunflower seeds. Addy really enjoyed eating it and so far we have seen zero birds partake. If the squirrels don't get after it I may be out there tomorrow night removing some seeds after bedtime.

After dinner and a few rounds of Addy hiding Nicks's keys, remote and cell phone Addy and I went to the Y and left the boys at home to bond. Addy and I also got to enjoy the longer daylight hours and cool evening weather for an alone park date after my workout. It was so nice to get that special time with just her. Nick usually does it by taking her exploring or to the river while I feed Charlie an evening bottle. He was actually such a trooper that he took both of them to the river last night!

A few more Addy truths to finish the night:
Never ever touch a snake
Never ever take off your seatbelt
Always flush the potty

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