Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gross Hiccups

It's been awhile since I have made time to blog but we have had a ton going on. We went to SA a couple weekends ago for Super Grandpa's 90th birthday. Alex, Jessica,Lisa and Tyler also came in town. We stayed with Lolly and Pops and went to lunch at the Pearl and had a big dinner at their house. Addy loved helping him blow out candles and singing Happy Birthday.

The next day we came back to Kyle for a birthday party for a sweet boy from Addy's gymnastics class. She loved having me and Nick running around the gym with her and watching her do skills.

Adalynn also recently had her first stomach bug. She woke up throwing up in her bed and called it "the gross hiccups". Poor baby threw up all day and it took her about a week to get back to her normal active, silly self.

Last weekend we enjoyed the Wimberly Chili cook off (it was seriously so much fun!). Both of the kids were getting pushed around in the double stroller and admired by everyone and Addy kept getting out to dance to the live music and eat all the crackers and frites laying around! We then went to the park and saw some friends and spent the afternoon walking around Cabellas. Addy had a list of things she wanted to see (snake, coyote, boats, guns, fish) and the last thing she wanted added to her list and remembered the whole time we were there was "get a snack".

I want to finish with the truth according to Addy. She sat in Nick's lap and told him some rules for life like: Never ever drink in the living room and never ever go outside by yourself.

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