Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guys, relax

Tonight Nick was grilling outside and we were all sitting on the porch. The outside Christmas lights were on, Charlie was sleeping in my arms and Addy lined up all of our chairs to "make a choo choo train" and continuously yelled "hey guys, it's time to sit down and just relax!". If it isn't relaxing to be yelled at for 20 minutes, I don't know what is. But then she said "It's time to be quiet and relax and talk about Jesus". At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, I love knowing that she is growing to know Jesus.

Today is the third Sunday we have visited Hays Hills Baptist Church. Addy loves going to her class and looks forward to it all weekend. It has been the warmest congregation we have ever been visited and I am looking forward to getting our family really involved there.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in San Antonio this year. We drove in Wednesday afternoon and spent some time with Lolly and Pops. They always know how to keep Addy entertained. She marched to the park playing her drum and got a wagon ride home. We slept there, tried to take Christmas card photos in the morning, an proceeded to Randy and Vicki's for Thanksgiving lunch. Addy was super excited to see Blakeley, Bella and Morgan and everyone was thrilled to meet Charlie for the first time.

After lunch we went to Grammie and Grandad's for dinner. Everyone wanted to sit at Addy's table and then we all got in the hot tub after the meal. Addy was so tired at the end of the night that she asked to go to bed and went to sleep within minutes (that NEVER happens). Charlie slept all afternoon so he wanted to be held all night. Grammie and Aunt Rita didn't mind snuggling with him for a bit so Nick and I could get some sleep.

We came home and decorated for Christmas. Our regular tree wouldnt fit in the tiny river house so we bought a very small real tree. It is shorter than Adalynn but she seems very happy with it. This is my first time having a real tree, I never would have but Nick really wanted it. Lets hope it lives until Christmas! Addy loved decorating the tiny tree and wants the lights on all the time. We are going to make some more ornaments this week for it since we didnt want to hang glass ones where they culd be so easily broken. The river house is starting to feel like home and we are loving being all together here after such a strange transition from Minnesota.

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