Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are not in MN anymore

So in Minnesota we lived in a lovely little town where everything was a quick walk away. HyVee, the grocery store was .9 miles, the farmers market downtown was 1.2 miles and Blast, our favorite ice-cream shop was 1.5 miles away. Yesterday I decided to put both kids in the double stroller and walk to the closest park. I figured it would be a mile or so walk each way. I used my gps to track how far we walked and it was about 2.5 miles each way! Luckily Nick picked us up or we never would have made it home before dark.

After our park time we went to the grocery store and Adalynn finally got the cart that looks like a yellow car. This is a very big deal right now and yellow is the most desirable car to ride in. After picking up some groceries we stopped at Whataburger so Nick and Addy could get a milkshake to split. Adalynn definitely has her dad wrapped around her little finger Because she took more than her share any way you look at it.

Yesterday we also went to open gym at the gymnastics center. One of Adalynn's spiritual gifts that I can already see developing is that she is such an encourager. She was trying to play with some bigger kids and even though she coul d do the same things they were doing (balance beam, swing from bars) she would clap for them and say "Yay, you do that by your own self,". She is so precious and sweet and it makes me really proud to see her encourage those around her.

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