Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The holidays are starting!

It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I could not be more excited for our first holiday season as a family of four. My mom and Addy are baking gingerbread so the house smells delicious, The Grinch is on in the background and we are headed to San Antonio tomorrow to celebrate with family. Nick flys in tomorrow evening and we are staying a night with Lolly and Pops and having lunch with the Wood clan on Thanksgiving then moving to my parents house for dinner and another night. I can't wait to introduce Charlie to everyone in Nick's family and mine! I have lists of Christmas activities I want to do with the kids, Christmas gifts to buy and make, and Christmas cards to send out. We are doing a very homemade Christmas this year since we have more time than money thanks to two kids and two moves. Adalynn is jumping right into the spirit of things though and I know this will be our happiest Christmas yet! Nick and I are making a cranberry infused vodka for our families and the kids are making handprint trees on canvas wraps for the grandparents. I love being in this house, out in the country feeling but still close to Super Target and Chick fil A. It's seriously perfect for me and Nick and Addy loves going for long walks, picking up rocks and sticks, and running along the truck trails. Charlie seems pretty ok with things too but at two weeks old there is not a whole lot to complain about. He had his first real bath today and didn't hate it but cried about being cold getting out I'm sure in a few months it will be hard to get him out of the tub because he will be so busy playing. God has surely blessed me with a very happy season in life.

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